2 Pups Battling Parvo


These two big boys were hit hard with parvovirus yesterday! They arrived last week and by Sunday morning, they were in the hospital fighting for their lives. At only 3 months old and coming from a crowded shelter, their fragile immune systems didn’t stand a chance. Once they started developing symptoms – extreme lethargy, vomiting, diarrhea – the clock is ticking. We rushed them to the emergency vet and they have been hospitalized. They are receiving intensive supportive care (IV fluids & medication and careful monitoring) in hopes that they’ll be able to survive this potentially deadly virus. We need to give Finley and Morgan every chance to survive.

Parvo is a huge blow to not only the puppies who get it, but also our medical fund. Their hospitalization is expensive and without your support, it means we can’t help as many other dogs and puppies who need out of the shelter. We can’t turn our backs on the puppies who need us, but we need to be able to help the ones who will cross our path in the weeks to come.