7 Puppies With Parvo!


When it rains it pours – and that’s definitely happening now. But that doesn’t seem to do justice the fact that we now have 7 more puppies who have deadly parvovirus. At only 6 weeks old, they’re so young and fragile. They arrived last night, usually puppies are excited, vocal, and climbing on top of each other for attention, but these 7 barely had the energy to stand up. Some were vomiting and all had severe diarrhea. When we took them out their crate, they were wobbly and toppled over. A test confirmed it – they’re positive for parvovirus. We sprung into action, working quickly to stabilize them so they could make it to the vet.

They’re now receiving intensive care because at only 4 pounds their bodies need all the help they can get if they’re going to make it. Please help us save their lives by supporting their care. Without donations, we’ll be starting 2023 in horrible shape and that will directly impact how many animals we can say yes to who need out of rural shelters.