Layla Needs Vetting to Check for Cancer


Sweet Layla is the kind of kitty that is needlessly euthanized. Why? Because she is a senior, has only a few teeth, was dumped at a rural shelter, and has an unknown and potentially deadly issue. But we will not give up on her.

Layla was found to have a concerning mass on one of her ovaries, and it could not be removed due to its invasive nature and location. In this case, many would opt to simply let this girl slip away while under anesthesia. But we could not. We believe in giving her every chance she deserves. She has already been let down so many times.

We need to raise the funds for Layla to get the potentially life-saving tests she needs to determine if her mass is cancerous. And then figure out next steps, regardless of the results. Our goal will be to provide her with the highest quality of life possible. Pain-free, with love and warmth.

Summer is hard on us and hard on kitties. Shelters and rescues are filled with cats and kittens. Many do not make it out alive. The fact that sweet Layla made her way to us we feel is a sign. Help us get her what she needs and allow us to keep saying YES to other kitties who need us. Every single dollar counts. All the time. But especially now in the thick of these tough summer months as we are bombarded by horrific stories of neglect and abuse.

Together we can give Layla what she needs. And help others. Please make a donation of any size.