Bear-Spent Christmas alone in the hospital recovering!


UPDATE: Our handsome Bear has finally been discharged from the hospital! His lengthy stay was required by vets to make sure there were not continuing issues or long term effects to his surgery site. Hospital stays are not cheap, and we are now in debt for giving Bear the care he needed. We are so thankful Bear received the best care but we need to pay off Bear’s bills so we have the ability to help more animals with medical needs in the future.

Spending the holidays all alone in the hospital is anyone’s worst nightmare, but unfortunately for Bear that’s exactly what happened after a scary incident. Bear was recovering from his neuter, when, during a walk on Christmas Eve, our staff discovered he had ripped out his stitches and started heavily bleeding.
He was rushed to the emergency vet for help. We’re sure Bear was scared and panicked being back at the vet. They were able to repair his incision, but he required careful monitoring to make sure he didn’t have any complications. No one, especially these dogs who have had a rough life deserve to be alone during the holidays.