Cami’s Kittens are Fighting for their Lives


Cami and her babies came to us recently and are experiencing some several medical issues. We originally took them from a rural shelter in WV. A shelter is a hard place to have kittens, as it does not have the best conditions for these babies’ weak immune systems.

While we were able to get them transferred to our care at Homeward Trails, we knew there were already concerns of medical needs. We wanted to give them a chance, so we took them, nonetheless. These babies are now FIGHTING FOR THEIR LIVES, and they’re holding on as strong as they can! We are determined to help them and keep them afloat. It’s been a significant battle, and we sincerely need your help to cover the medical costs.

Cami and her kittens are the ultimate collection of cute cuddlers. Comfort, compassion, and cat trees – that’s all the clever cuties want! Claude is a connoisseur of quaint Cabernet; Clyde loves to collect exotic catnip and color on canvass; Cecil is a character with clown in his blood; and Chaz is a climber, so curtains beware. Their mom, Cami, on the other hand, is quite content to just cuddle with her closest friend.

If you can spare some change for these cute cuddlers, every donation makes a difference!