*SPONSORED!* Dakota’s Gums are Bleeding!


Poor Dakota’s teeth are so bad that his gums are BLEEDING! He needs dental care as soon as possible, to give his swollen gums and painful mouth some much-needed relief!

Dakota’s owner made the gut-wrenching decision to surrender him, when they became too sick to keep him. It was the best decision for Dakota–a chance at a future with someone as energetic and healthy as he is–but Dakota couldn’t understand all that. He only knew he was left behind. Given up and given away.

We’ve done our best to give Dakota all the love and support we can during this difficult time, but if we really want to provide some relief, we’re going to need to get this pup to a dental specialist STAT.

Dental cleanings are so important. Clearing away the buildup of plaque and bacteria not only provides relief for aching teeth and jaws, but it can prevent even more serious complications down the line! Routine cleanings could have prevented Dakota from having a mouth full of blood today.