Escaped War But Now Struggling to Breathe


Paddington arrived only a week and a half ago from war-torn Ukraine. We knew he had some medical issues making it impossible for him to get the care he needed in a war zone, especially in a shelter. The vet in Ukraine had diagnosed him with pancreatitis, a heart murmur, and inflammatory bowel disease, but over the last week he’s started showing signs that something else is very wrong.

His breathing was rapid and he was wheezing, and x-rays showed that he has fluid in or around his lungs. It could be heart disease and without an echocardiogram we won’t have the answers we need to know how to treat him and make him more comfortable. He could be accumulating more and more fluid making breathing more difficult so we need to act fast.

He didn’t beat the odds to make it out of danger in Europe, only to struggle in the U.S. We are committed to giving him a second chance, but we need your help to get Paddington the tests and care he needs before it’s too late. Please help!