UPDATE: Worse than we thought! He Dreams of Running and Playing with Other Dogs


UPDATE 4.12.21–We knew Valentino had trouble with his legs, and suspected he may have been suffering from luxating patellas. In truth, it’s so much worse. Valentino has severe hip dysplasia. His x-ray revealed buckshot near his lower spine! He has horrible arthritis in his right knee from an old ACL injury. He’s unable to extend his back, left leg.

He’s been shot and beaten. His body is in such terrible shape, and HE’S ONLY 4 YEARS OLD!

The arthritis in his knees and dysplasia in his hips must be agonizing! And it’s irreversible. The best we can do is provide some relief and make each day more manageable. We’ve started Valentino on joint supplements, which he will have to take for the rest of his life. While those buildup and take effect in his system (it usually takes a few weeks to see the positive impact) he is also on daily pain medication. He will have to see the vet regularly and continue to be monitored as he grows older.

Valentino had big dreams when he left Puerto Rico. He dreamed of finding a safe place to sleep, and regular meals throughout the day. He dreamed of caring humans and days spent snoozing without a care in the world. He dreamed of running and playing and enjoying life to the absolute fullest, finally free from a life half-lived.

He’s only been with us a few days, and already so many of Valentino’s dreams have come true. So many, except for one.

Valentino can hardly walk or run. He’s in so much pain that he just limps along! We suspect he has a rather severe case of DOUBLE luxating patellas. In other words, not just one, but BOTH knee joints dislocate themselves, and move painfully in and out of place when he tried to move.

We committed ourselves to caring for Valentino when we took him off the island. We want to make his dreams come true! But first, we need to get Valentino to the vet for some x-rays. From there, we can determine whether surgery or treatment might help this sweet pup get back to all that running and playing he’s been dreaming of for so long.