*SPONSORED!* He Was Used, Then Abandoned.


UPDATE 2.15.2021–Mac is officially in our care. Now we need to make sure we get his Heartworm under control!!!

Mac was a hunting dog. He was only ever seen for what he could do, not the beautiful soul he is. He has been kept in a pen his whole life, and has never known unconditional love.

Mac is a sweet dog. We know that Homeward Trails could find him the best home, to love him and cherish him the rest of his days! But first, we need to treat his Heartworm Disease.

Heartworm Disease is a nasty, slow condition. Worms begin growing inside the heart. Left untreated, those worms will grow and multiply. Eventually, they will take up so much space that the heart and lungs will begin to shut down. Dogs will frequently pant and become easily fatigued. Their bodies will struggle just to stay alive, until one day, they can’t.

Fortunately, there’s treatment! What’s more, the shelter has agreed to sponsor a portion of the cost for Mac’s heartworm treatments. Now it is up to us to make up the difference. With your help, we can bring Mac to Homeward Trails, clear up his Heartworm, and finally show him what the life of a loving, retired hound dog should be!