Heartworm positive and homeless


UPDATE 4.5.2021–Roxanne made it Homeward Trails safely! Now she desperately needs our help to treat the heartworms growing and multiplying inside her heart. Before it’s too late.

This sweet as can be little girl has struggled to survive in her first year of life. It is a wonder how she has managed to find food and water while having to develop from puppyhood on the streets. As a stray she has had to cope with harsh weather conditions, disease, and starvation. On top of her struggling to make it one day to the next, she has endured abuse from the animals around her. Roxanne has a natural sweetness that made her an easy target. She has to navigate her natural instinct to find a pack while she was being abused by the pack leaders. Her innate sweetness made her submissive and unable to defend herself against the stronger strays.

After being rescued it was found that Roxanne has a heartworm which needs to be treated right away. Roxanne was never meant to be alone and finding her own way. She is a dog that needed a family and now she has a slim chance at one. She is super friendly and gets along with everyone, which is incredible given her trauma. We know that we can get her to safety and give her proper medical treatment, but we need your help to do it. Please donate to help Roxanne today.