Help Little Mac Gregor Beat Heartworm


Little Mac Gregor had a rough start in life – he was living on the streets in Puerto Rico. At only 8 pounds, he didn’t stand a chance from the many dangers that threaten dogs without humans to look out for them. But the most obvious dangers – starvation, being attacked by animals, or run over by a car – aren’t what has almost done him in. When Mac Gregor arrived at Homeward Trails he tested positive for heartworm. Heartworm disease is a potentially deadly infection that, if left untreated, leads to severe lethargy, the abdomen filling up with fluid, and heart failure.

For Mac Gregor to get a clean bill of health, he needs to start treatment NOW! The longer we wait, the more his symptoms can progress from a mild cough to something he can’t recover from. Please help sponsor his treatment which includes months of medication and multiple injections. Let’s give Mac Gregor the life he deserves.