Help Us Harness the Force to Get Some Answers


We recently told you about Yoda and you helped us send him to the vet for blood work. Well, poor Yoda’s results are in and he’s anemic and it seems he has an infection somewhere in his body. He started on antibiotics and a special diet to help with his diarrhea. So far there’s been no change in his symptoms and he seems very uncomfortable. He will wake up from sleep to run to the litter box, but he often doesn’t make it in time. The diarrhea is so taxing for him and we haven’t been able to give him any relief. One of the next steps in his diagnostics would be an ultrasound – but those are very expensive.

This imaging is likely the only way we can get answers to what is causing his severe diarrhea. But we can’t book his appointment until we get the cost covered. It’s a hit we just can’t take right now with so many animals in need.

And to make matters worse, Yoda’s mouth is in terrible shape. Last week one of his teeth fell out! He’s been having trouble eating and his gums are significantly inflamed. He will need a dental ASAP.

Please help Yoda continue to fight and harness the force!