*SPONSORED!* UPDATE: Half His Teeth Were Missing!


UPDATE 3.29.2021–Baboo went in for his dental, and ended up having 6 teeth removed. The vet discovered that 21 teeth were already missing! Twenty-one! How sore must his poor gums have been all this time?!

For now, Baboo is on antibiotics and a wet-food diet. We really need your help to pay the bill for his dental and ongoing care while his mouth heals! There are so many changes and adjustments just now, we’re doing all we can to keep him comfortable and show Baboo as much compassion as possible.

Baboo just lost the only home he’s ever known. He was surrendered to Homeward Trails by his owner, who gave him to up hoping we could find a better life for him.

Baboo is in pain. Emotionally, and physically! He has several teeth missing and is in dire need of a dental! His gums are swollen and painful, his teeth are covered in plaque and must be aching nonstop.

We want to make this transition as painless as possible–that means we need to get his mouth seen to soon. Baboo deserves our compassion and comfort during this incredibly difficult time. Providing care is the best thing we can do to help him along. Can you help us?