His Temp Was Over 104 Degrees and Climbing!


Something was up with poor Zeus. One day he was fine, the next he seemed out of it. He had labored breathing and his temp just kept climbing until it was over 104 degrees. Zeus was lethargic and had a hard time standing up. We tried to cool him down, but his fever wasn’t coming down and Zeus started having a harder time swallowing. We knew we had to get him to an emergency vet before it was too late!

As he arrived at the vet, green discharge started pouring out of his nostrils and he started shivering uncontrollably. He was rushed to the back and then diagnosed with a bacterial infection. The vets worked to get his temperature to stop rising and give him some relief. Finally the medication they gave him started to work and his fever started receding.

Luckily, Zeus is on the mend, but that wouldn’t have happened without a trip to the emergency vet. We’re giving him the TLC he needs while he gets back on his feet, but that still leaves us with a big bill. We don’t want to have to tell other animals that we can’t help them or get them out of shelters, but spring has already been rough with medical cases like Zeus’. Please help us cover his vet bill so we can continue to help more animals!