UPDATE: No surgery! Hospitalized for an Obstruction, Now Seizures


UPDATE 4.12.2021 – We’ve got some great news. Luca was able to pass all the pieces he chewed, and will not be needing surgery. He has also been able to keep his medications down, so he is once again on the mend.

Luca continues to recover from his ordeal. This boy gave us quite the scare! And we racked up quite the stack of medical bills in the process. Can you help us cover the costs of his emergency intervention?

Luca is just a year old, and still full of mischief. But this time, he’s bitten off more than he can chew! We suspect he grew tired of just gnawing on his toys, and may have tried eating them instead. That is, until he began vomiting and having diarrhea. Our team came to his aid, and putting all the pieces of his symptoms and the shredded toy together, rushed Luca to the vet Friday evening.

Luca is suffering from a partial obstruction. We’re still waiting to see whether he will need surgery, or what course of treatment will be required. We will continue to update his fundraiser as needed.

In the meantime, the vomiting and has presented another terrible complication–Luca suffers from seizures. Because he’s been vomiting, he hasn’t been able to keep him seizure medication down! As a result, he’s started to have episodes of seizures. In his case, these are “quiet seizures” which cause him to zone out. He loses time and becomes easily startled, and may even act out. It’s scary and disorienting! And certainly something his poor mind and body doesn’t need to be dealing with just now.