Hospitalized for Pneumonia


UPDATE 6.7.2021–Blue is recovering! He is feeling much better, but will need to go back to the vet for re-checks later this week. Hopefully, all tests will indicate that he has in fact cleared his pneumonia and is on the mend for good.

Blue was shaking. He was coughing and struggling to catch his breath. Something was seriously wrong, and there wasn’t a moment to lose!

We rushed Blue to the vet. He was hospitalized for pneumonia. Gratefully, after a few days of intensive treatment, Blue was released to continue his recovery back at the Adoption Center. He is getting stronger day by day, but will need to take it easy for a while. In two weeks, he will need to go back to his vet for a re-check to be sure the pneumonia has cleared his system. That means more x-rays and more bloodwork.

Without prompt intervention, pneumonia can easily turn deadly. We shudder to think what may have happened if we had waited any longer to seek help. The hospitalization and treatment he received saved Blue’s life! We are glad to see him on the mend, but now need to figure out how to pay the bill.