*SPONSORED!* Hunting Dog Never Given the Treatment He Deserved


UPDATE 2.15.2021–Rusty is officially in our care. Now we need to make sure we get his Heartworm under control!!!

Rusty is a 2.5-year-old pup who was surrendered to the shelter because his owner wanted to get rid of a few of his hunting dogs. Poor Rusty has been given only the most basic care throughout his life. He was kept in a pen, and has never known what it is to be a true companion in a loving home.

That all changes now! With your help, we can bring Rusty to Homeward Trails and show him just how good the life of a sweet, retired hunting dog can be!

Unfortunately, poor Rusty has also tested positive for Heartworm Disease. Because his owner viewed him more as a tool to be used than an individual with needs, Rusty never received preventative treatments that would have stopped worms in their tracks. He was denied access to the very basics of care that might have helped him avoid such a diagnosis.

Heartworm Disease can be life threatening. Actual worms begin growing and multiplying inside the chambers of the heart. In time, dogs have difficulty breathing and become extremely fatigued. As the disease goes on, the worms multiply, and the heart and lungs have to work harder and harder to keep up–until they can’t any more.

Fortunately, the shelter Rusty came from his sponsored a portion of the costs for his treatment. Now it’s up to us to make up the rest! Your dollar will give Rusty the chance at the long and happy life he deserves, with a family that will love him unconditionally just for being the dog he is.