Inverted Foot May Need to be Amputated!


Timothy arrived from Ukraine last month to start a new life – one where he’ll never again live in fear of the bombs dropping around him. Timothy was surrendered when rescuers were on a mission in Eastern Ukraine evacuating out animals from occupied areas. Our team met Timothy in the Ukrainian shelter he was taken to. He has an inverted rear foot and needed more care than he could easily get in Ukraine.

Now that he’s with us and has seen the vet, Timothy is going to need a consult with an orthopedic surgeon to determine how we can help him. He has a sore on the top of his foot from walking on it and it’s definitely causing him pain. The orthopedist can determine if he is a candidate for physical therapy or will need to have the leg amputated. In order to make this decision, they will need more x-rays and to run some other tests. Additionally, based on initial x-rays, his hip appears abnormal – making his case even more complicated.

Right now, this is the only thing holding Timothy back from a life full of zoomies. Please help us get him the treatment he needs!