Latte Is Infected With Heartworms and We Are Her Only Hope


UPDATE 5.31.2021–We are thrilled to announce that Latte made it to Homeward Trails! She is still settling in, be we are all so happy to know she is in safe hands.

While she has already arrived, we still have to cover her vetting and transportation costs. On top of the trip from Puerto Rico, Latte has tested positive for Heartworm Disease. Worms are growing inside her heart, and will continue to multiply until there is no more room–until Latte’s heart and lungs begin to fail her. Until there is nothing left for her to give.

This terrible condition is preventable, but it’s no surprise that Latte never had access to the medications that could have saved her. Now that she finally has her chance a real happy ending–a home and a family to love her for all her days–we have to give her every opportunity. Heartworm Disease can be treated, but it is pricey. We need your help.

Sweet Latte has had a really tough life. This loving 1.5 year old girl lived on a property in Puerto Rico where the owner had neglected to spay and neuter the various dogs that they own. Because of their refusal to prevent pregnancies by fixing the dogs, several litters are born every year on the property. Latte herself has recently raise 7 healthy puppies in Puerto Rico. As luck would have it, all 7 of her puppies have come to Homeward Trails already and have been adopted! However, Latte has been left behind. The PR rescue team has worked hard to remove Latte from the unfit home, as well as many of the remaining dogs so they no longer have to live their life roaming the property and breeding unnecessarily. Latte is thrilled she no longer has to live outside in those conditions, but her troubles are far from over. In addition to the obstacle of getting to the DC area to find a loving home, Latte has tested positive for heartworms. Every day her body fights hard to overcome the disease, but without life saving treatment, her days could be numbered. Latte loves playing, loves people and loves other dog. She is such a catch for a lucky family, but without donations to get her a flight to Homeward Trails as well as sponsorship to treat her deadly heartworms, Latte’s happiness may fade away. Please don’t let this happy girl down. Donate to her big rescue and treatment today!