*SPONSORED!* Needs medical treatment URGENTLY


UPDATE 4.5.2021–Shakira made it Homeward Trails safely! Now she desperately needs our help to treat the heartworms growing and multiplying inside her heart. Before it’s too late.

This beautiful girl, unfortunately had a rough start to life. Shakira was abandoned on the streets of Puerto Rico frightened and hungry. She was struggling to survive and was alone in the world. She was able to find comfort and relief within a foster that took her in. Sadly her struggles have not stopped. The foster now has a significant medical condition and we need to relocate her dogs soon. Shakira is also struggling with a heartworm that needs to be treated right away.

Shakira deserves a chance at a loving home and we know we can get her to one but we need to get her here first. We need to take care of her medical treatment and travel costs and we need your help. Please donate today so we can take care of Shakira.