*SPONSORED!* New Momma with Severe Mastitis and Mammary Tumor


Nola has been living a hard life. This poor girl came to Homeward Trails underweight and blind in one eye, with a mammary tumor, heartworms, and kennel cough–and very, VERY pregnant! Indeed, she gave birth before we could even set her up with her fosters–giving birth in the Adoption Center parking lot instead.

In spite of it all, Nola is the SWEETEST girl around! She’s an amazing and attentive momma. Her puppies have all been healthy, despite contracting their momma’s kennel cough in the first few days of life. However, while regularly nursing her pups, Nola still contracted mastitis.

Nola has been on antibiotics and her tumor and mastitis have been drained regularly. But it isn’t enough. Her immune system is shot, and she needs surgery. We need to remove the remaining infection, and biopsy the tumor to see if it has spread to other parts of her body.

Nola is so grateful for this chance at life. Her foster says that Nola constantly seeks comfort from her and her family, and will follow everyone around with the biggest smile on her face. She has affectionately been deemed their little “hippo” for the way she waddles happily around their home with their dogs. She knows first hand how hard life can be, and hasn’t taken a single moment in our care for granted.

Nola is going to make someone so happy some day! She’s been through so very much, and has earned this chance at a better life! We owe it to her to give her all we have.