One Still Fighting, One Lost His Battle


Porky and Froggy arrived to Homeward Trails a week and a half ago. Things were going well, when suddenly Froggy took a turn – he was struggling to breathe, lethargic, and wouldn’t eat. We tried supportive care, but it didn’t help so he was rushed to the emergency vet over the weekend. They immediately put in an IV to work to stabilize him while running tests to see what was causing his symptoms. While Froggy was at the vet, his brother, Porky, started to decline quickly. He was also sent to the emergency vet last night. While they were working on stabilizing him, Porky crashed. He began vomiting blood and his airway started swelling. Despite CPR and the vet’s best efforts, Porky didn’t make it. And they don’t know why.

Froggy is still hanging on, but the vets are no closer to a diagnosis. They’re just treating his symptoms, hoping they’ll find an answer. While our hearts break for Porky, he can still help his brother (and potentially other siblings if they become sick). We’re hoping to have the state vet perform a necropsy on Porky to see if they can find a cause. By getting answers, we’re hoping we can treat Froggy accordingly and potentially keep their other siblings from becoming critically ill. Please consider donating in Porky’s memory and to help Froggy have the chance at a full recovery.