Painful Eye Injury, Possible Ulcer


UPDATE 6.7.2021–We’re delighted to share that Bosco does not have a corneal ulcer. Rather, after a thorough exam with the vet, he was diagnosed with dry eyes! With the help of some of eye drops, he should be feeling much better.

What we don’t know is whether this condition is temporary, or chronic. Will it clear up, or will he need to be on medication for the rest of his life?

To know more, Bosco will need a follow up appointment and another tear test.

Bosco is usually an energetic pup. He bouncy and wiggly, and always ready to play! But something has been slowing him down lately. Bosco has been pawing and favoring his eye, clearly in pain. We suspect he may have a corneal ulcer, or abrasion on his cornea, that is slowing him down and keeping him from living his best life.

Corneal ulcers are most commonly caused by trauma–perhaps he was playing too rough with other dogs, or running through some thick brush on a hike through the woods. However it may have happened, we need to get it checked out quickly!

Depending on their depth and severity, corneal ulcers can be a serious issue. Bosco will need an eye stain–a relatively simple test which can help the vet see any abrasions on the cornea more clearly. Only then will we know enough to move forward with a treatment plan.