GOAL INCREASED! Ravaged by Heartworms, Needs Cardiologist


UPDATE 6.7.2021–Goal increased! We’ve raised Howie’s goal to cover the costs of an abdominal ultrasound. He will also need monthly bloodwork to keep an eye on his albumin levels, and he’s been put on a prescription food plan to ensure he stays as healthy as possible.

Howie has a VERY severe case Heartworm Disease. We don’t usually see dogs in his condition, but poor Howie has been living with heartworms for so long. All this time, they have been left unchecked and untreated, multiplying and growing inside his heart. Now that we’re here to provide treatment, his vet didn’t feel comfortable prescribing the normal medications. The heartworms are so extensive, that Howie’s only hope is to see a cardiologist and have an echocardiogram done. Only then can we see just how badly the heart is affected, and what can be done to save it.

Howie’s eyes are so sad. We aren’t sure all that he’s been through, but we can imagine his life hasn’t been easy. Maybe he was a hunting dog, discarded as soon as he no longer seemed “useful.” Maybe he was an outdoor dog, living life on a chain through heat and snow. Whatever his past, we can be sure it didn’t include access to veterinary care or the preventative medications that could have saved him so much pain.

Specialists are always expensive, but we think Howie deserves this chance. He’s made it this far–we have to do everything we can to give him the life he’s always deserved.