UPDATE AGAIN: Sad Suki Needs an Echocardiogram


UPDATE 4.19.2021–Suki has been diagnosed with heart disease, and needs an echocardiogram to fully understand the severity of her condition. ***We cannot give her this procedure until she is fully sponsored!!!***

This test will us her heart is currently functioning, so we know how to treat and support her moving forward.

In situations like these, knowledge truly is power. The more we can learn and understand about what’s going on, the better equipped we will be to provide treatment now, as well as supportive and long term care moving forward, to keep Suki feeling her absolute best for as long as possible.

UPDATE 4.12.2021–Suki is heading back to the vet today for possible fluid in her lungs! We will keep you posted as more details become available. With new complications coming to light, we really need to cover the expenses of her transport and HW treatments now!

We desperately need to pay off the medical expenses she’s already incurred, to ensure we have the funds ready to cover whatever treatment she needs next.

UPDATE 4.5.2021–Suki made it Homeward Trails safely! Now she desperately needs our help to treat the heartworms growing and multiplying inside her heart. Before it’s too late.

Suki is the sweetest 8 year old schnauzer mix that has been dealt a very bad hand of cards recently. This poor girl’s elderly owner just passed away and she is now homeless. To top it off, she is heartworm positive! Every day that passes without treatment, her body grows weaker and the heartworms take over a little more. Soon she won’t be able to walk well and will have trouble breathing. This is not how Suki’s life has to end though! Homeward Trails can help her, but will need a lot of donations and assistance. Heartworm treatment is extremely expensive and time consuming. Even with all that being said, we can’t bear to leave Suki behind. She is so kind and gets along with everyone she meets. It isn’t her fault that she is in this awful situation, and HT wants to make all her wrongs right. Please donate to this girl’s desperately needed medical treatment. Without a sponsorship, her heartworm may get the best of her, something we simply cannot risk happening!