*SPONSORED* Shaggy has cancer and was abandoned!



This poor boy was found covered in fur, dirt and mats. He could barely see as he wandered down the rural road trying to find a human to take him in. No one knows how long he had been wandering or how he got there.

Thankfully, a kind person saw him and brought him to the shelter. Despite his obvious abandonment, Shaggy could not have been sweeter and more gentle to every person het met.

When they got him in the bathtub to clean off the dirt and bugs it was then they discovered a massive tumor on Shaggy – a tumor that is most likely cancer. Was that why he was dumped?

Despite our medical fund remaining critically low, we could not say NO to this boy. So he’s coming to HT and must have emergency surgery to remove and biopsy the tumor. This poor boy is only about 4 years old so we have some difficult decisions to make, some of which may have to be made based on funding.

We want the best for this boy, whether we can give him days or years. Please help!