She’s Peeing 27 Times a Day!


Snickerdoodle wants to be a good girl. She is sweet and loving. She has excellent manners, and will even ring the bell when she needs to go outside–or use a puppy pad if needed. There’s just one problem–she needs to pee 27 times a DAY! And no, we’re not exaggerating.

Poor Snickerdoodle can’t seem to hold her pee. For whatever reason, she needs to go out every 45 minutes to avoid accidents in the house. At first, we suspected a UTI. But after several trips to the vet–after several urine tests and ultrasounds, and any other test that promised answers–we’ve come up empty. We still aren’t sure what’s going on, but know something isn’t right.

The best chance we have of helping her will be an exploratory bladder surgery. It is possible she has something known as a “saggy bladder” which can be tacked up, and should help resolve some issues. But we won’t know until we try.

This surgery is Snickerdoodle’s best chance for answers, for recovery, and for a happy forever home! She’ll need to get her bathroom issues under control before she can find the exact right home.