She’s Ready to Go Home! But First, Heartworm.


Amari is a sweet pup, who is ready to go home. She’s ready for a new home and a new life, at long last. Unfortunately, she can’t settle into a new home until we take care of her positive Heartworm diagnosis!

Heartworm Disease is a nasty thing. Worms begin growing inside the chambers of the heart. In time, those worm grow and multiply, filling the heart and lungs. As the worms multiply, the body has to work harder and harder to keep up, until eventually, it can’t. Dogs die from heartworm disease.

Heartworm Disease is easily prevented. With regular trips to the vet and monthly medication, dogs can be saved from experienced Heartworm altogether. But so many dogs lack access to even that most basic care. Dogs like Amari, who was surrendered to the shelter by an owner who just didn’t want to care for her anymore.

Luckily, Heartworm Disease can be treated. With the right medications, Amari can be cured–she will finally have a shot at the home and family she longs for! But treatments come at a cost. Can you help us get Amari home?