Sweet Marvin Has Been Saved From Neglect


UPDATE 6.7.2021–Marvin made it to Homeward Trails! He’s out of the shelter, and settling into a big kennel all his own. He doesn’t have to fight for food, and has a bed and blanket to all to himself. But he needs more. In addition to vetting and transportation costs, we desperately need to get this pup a dental!

He’s likely never been to the vet, let alone had access to routine dental care. His teeth are hurting, badly! Who knows what scraps and debris Marvin may have chewed on to survive. Now that he’s safe, we need to make sure his teeth and gums are healthy, too!

Marvin has those adorable Beagle eyes. They are so kind and so sweet, it is hard to believe that anyone could put Marvin through what he has survived. Poor Marvin was rescued from a hoarding case where over 100 dogs were taken from a neglectful hunter’s home. Every day he hoped he would be fed, and maybe someone would kindly pet him or show him attention. But unfortunately that was often just a dream as Marvin would have to share resources with the other dogs on the property. That often meant missing meals or getting into arguments with other dogs. Marvin likely was never allowed to lay on a comfortable bed or be protected from the outside elements.

Luckily, the dogs were rescued from the home. However, this now means the rural VA shelter they were sent to is completely overrun with dogs. They have every kennel and run full, and have unfortunately had to start keeping many in crates. It isn’t fair that poor Marvin had to live his life in a hoarder’s home, but he has so much to look forward to now that Homeward Trails has brought him to the rescue. He no longer has to fight for a kibble of food or wish to have a sweet human care for him. Marvin’s biggest challenge now is to get desperately needed vet care, something he has likely never had before.

Please donate to Marvin’s rescue today. He is so close to closing the last chapter of his life and starting a new one.