Sweet Senior, Jill, Needs Special Tests

Jill needs our help once again! She was rescued over a year ago from life on a chain and despite her awful start, she had proven to be the sweetest girl ever! Unfortunately, Jill’s adopter fell ill and thus Jill was recently returned to us. Jill has been struggling with health issues for a few months – and we really need to help her get better. The problem is that we don’t know exactly what is wrong! She is having to use the bathroom many times throughout the day, to the point where she cannot settle and rest. Jill has undergone a bloodwork, urinalysis, and ultrasound. Her bloodwork indicates incredibly high platelet counts. The next step is some very specific tests to rule out certain diseases. These tests are expensive and her bills are already piling up. We really need help in order to get to the bottom of this and get Jill feeling better. Please help us get her better!