Buffy has life-threatening medical issues



Buffy arrived to Homeward Trails Wednesday after being surrendered to a rural shelter when his owner entered a nursing home. He was scared and searching for love after leaving the only home he had ever known.

When he arrived on transport, our staff noticed almost immediately that there was something seriously wrong. He had blood dripping from his penis and was straining. When he was able to go there was blood in his urine. The amount of blood was extremely concerning and sent our staff into action to get him an emergency appointment with a vet. The vet was able to get him some relief, but he needed a specialist.

After Buffy’s check up, the specialist reported that he has an abscess on his prostate – our hearts instantly shattered. This is a life-threatening problem and we need to get Buffy the help he needs ASAP! The only option is surgery – and we know that it comes at an extremely steep cost. But it’s his only hope. Every minute, he could be getting worse and the abscess could be doing more damage. He is only six years old and has many years ahead of him and deserves to know happiness after all the pain and suffering he has been through. Please donate to help save Buffy’s life!