UPDATE: With HT! Used and Abandoned


UPDATE 4.12.2021–Buckwheat made it safely into Homeward Trails’ care. Next step, get that HW under control!

Buckwheat has been sitting in an overcrowded rural shelter for over a month. This shelter and its caring staff have been inundated with animals, leaving them so jam-packed that crates cover the floor and fill the halls. This is a chaotic environment for anyone and Buckwheat has been struggling with the stress. Having been abandoned and left surrounded by other distressed dogs, this sweet 6 year old needs some peace and stability. Buckwheat was surrendered by a hunter who only wanted him for the sport. When he did not meet expectations as a hunting dog he was no longer of use to the owner and he was turned in.

We know that Buckwheat still has a chance to thrive in a loving environment where he is a member of the family and not just seen for his utility. He needs to be brought to Homeward Trails so he can be given the care he needs including immediate dental treatment. Buckwheat has been left waiting for too long for the love and attention he deserves. Please help us get him the care he so desperately requires and into his forever home.