*SPONSORED!* Valentino needs double ACL surgery!


Valentino has been in such pain for so long, we wonder if he can even remember what it’s like to be a care free pup. He hasn’t been able run or play. His knees are so bad, he can hardly straighten his legs, making the simple act of walking a painful challenge.

You may remember Valentino. He came to us in April in rough shape. After several trips to the vet, we learned that Valentino suffers from severe arthritis and hip dysplasia. And he’s only 4 years old!

His arthritis stems from an old ACL injury which went untreated, and therefore never healed properly. We started Valentino on joint supplements and other pain management, hoping it might take the edge off. Unfortunately, his pain has persisted.

Valentino met with an orthopedic surgeon, who determined he will need BOTH knees operated on. In dogs, the procedure is called TPLO–but is analogous to the ACL surgery performed for humans. This is the only option for poor Valentino–the only hope he has of reducing the excruciating pain and suffering he endures each day.

Valentino needs this surgery, and he needs it soon. But with an expense like that, as much as we want to, we cannot say yes until his fundraising goal has been met. But each day brings renewed pain, as he waits for us to find the funds he needs.

We know it is a big ask, but Valentino is a young pup with a whole life ahead of him! And he deserve to live that life free from the pain and trauma of his past. He deserves all the love and support we can share with him to ensure he has a healthy, happy future in front of him.