UPDATE: Red arrived! Waiting for HW treatment


UPDATE 4.12.2021–Red has arrived at HT! Now we have to get her heartworm under control.

Red does not know why he was brought to the shelter or if he will ever get to leave. Surrendered when he was no longer of use as a hunting dog, he has been waiting in a crate for over a month not sure what comes next. The rural shelter has been overrun with new animals and is so crowded that they have crates filling the halls and in every available space. Despite the good intentions of the staff they simply do not have the resources to give each dog the individual care and support they need. Red is no exception.

Dealing with dental complications on top of all of this just makes his time in the shelter uncomfortable and heart wrenching. He deserves to be given the love and care a family can provide. Red needs to be transported to Homeward Trails so we can begin his dental treatment and get him placed in a foster home. Once he is ready we are committed to placing him in a loving home where he will be part of the family and not just a tool for hunting. He deserves a chance at love and happiness and we need you to help him get that. Please donate today so we can get Red healthy and in a peaceful and healing home.