5 Pups Desperately Need Our Help (by 1/13)


These beautiful pup’s mama was a stray in Puerto Rico that showed up at a good samaritan’s house – they started to feed her and decided to keep her. Unfortunately, Hurricane Fiona caused major water damage to their property, forcing them to move in with their grandparents. Much to their surprise, Mama gave birth in early November to ten puppies! With the owner returning to work, it was too much for the grandma to handle. The family was able to get 5 of these puppies adopted locally but needed help finding homes for for the remaining pups! We’re so grateful to this family for finding homes for half the litter as well as a home for momma (who is getting spayed to prevent any future surprises!) but we need your help to get the rest of this litter safe! We have been lucky enough to secure fights for all five remaining puppies with fight volunteers THIS WEEK! These black, brown, and white cuties – Carla, Marla, Blossom, Daisy, and Apollo – are very young, which means they will also need vetting in order to be healthy, safe, and ready for adoption. Can you help sponsor these young pups’ flights and vetting so that they can find the loving forever homes they deserve?