8 Newborn Pups Desperately Need Help (by 12/7)


Bruce, Bianca, Bayleigh, Baylor, Brute, Brady, Blake, Brooke are cute-as-a-button black, brown, white, and gray shepherd mix puppies. These 8 six-week-old pups were dumped at a shelter in rural Virginia even though they are newborn and still would be relying on their mother for milk and care. These precious babies are at high risk for illness and even death as they are in a crowded shelter and are still unable to be vaccinated. Rural shelters also often have low resources, low foot traffic, and higher euthanasia rates, meaning that these babies cannot get the more intensive special care they need. Can you help bring these sweet puppies to Homeward Trails so that they can receive the care they need in a safe environment in order to find their forever homes?