8 Puppies Abandoned in Puerto Rico


These 8 precious pups were never wanted from the start. Their very pregnant mother was dumped at a vet’s office in Puerto Rico right before she was due to give birth. She was scared and confused. Why did her family leave her at a strange place, especially right before she needed them most? We will never know the answer unfortunately, but little did the mama dog know that she was actually better off. The staff at the vet’s office took great care of her and all 8 of her newborn pups! It has now been 2 months since these little ones came in to the world and they are ready to leave their mom and start their new lives. They will never know how lucky that they weren’t born on the streets in PR, and we know mama is so appreciative that she too got a new lease on life. Caring for eight puppies is no easy feat though, and Homeward Trails is going to need all hands on deck to get these little ones safely to the DC area. Transportation is a challenge on its own, plus continued vet care and fosters for the whole litter! Every donation is going to be very needed to rescue these pups and we definitely do not want to have to leave anyone behind. Please sponsor these sweethearts today so they can begin their journey to happiness!