A Life Behind Bars is No Place For a Puppy


Handsome Jack thought he hit the jackpot – a happy young puppy living his best life with his owner. Sadly though, Jack’s luck ran out and his owner had to surrender him to a shelter because they could no longer afford to keep him. At only 8 months old, lab mix Jack is very confused. How did he go from being a loyal, loving pup in a home to a life in a metal cage at a noisy shelter? Jack is keeping a positive spirit though and still has love for everyone he meets. Kids, cats, and other dogs are all loved by Jack, so much so that the rural South Carolina shelter has even used him to test other dogs and see how friendly they are. Jack never stops wagging his tail when he meets new people and pets. This sweetheart really needs a lifeline. Homeward Trails knows that they might be his only hope and wants to do everything they can to get him rescued as soon as possible. The trip to the DC area from SC is not quick and easy, but with your donations, Jack can be on the next ride up! Please donate to Jack’s rescue and he can continue to spread his happiness right into a new home.