Abandoned Days From Giving Birth


Windy has had quite a rough past few months. Unfortunately, Windy was abandoned at a vet in Puerto Rico only days from giving birth. She very soon after delivered 8 puppies of her own. Raising your babies in a cage at a veterinary office is certainly no walk in the park. The staff tried to make her as comfortable as they could, but every dog deserves a nice warm bed in a safe home. Windy did her best to raise happy, healthy puppies – and she succeeded! In fact, they have all been rescued! The story isn’t over quite yet though as Windy is still homeless. The vet office in PR is trying to get the word out that they have a lovely mama dog that would make a fantastic pet but no one has come forward to show interest in adopting her. It is clear she needs a lifeline – and Homeward Trails is just that! Flights can be tough to get dogs on coming for Puerto Rico and their expense makes it a challenge, but we don’t want to give up on Windy. She deserves a life of pampering and luxury for all that she has been through. Please donate to Windy’s journey to Homeward Trails. We can’t bear to leave this sweet pup behind!