Abandoned on the highway

Even though she is only six months old and 20 pounds it is clear, Shaina is a fighter. This incredible lab mix was facing a terrible fate after being abandoned on the side of the road. Alone and at risk of being hit by a car ,she took a chance and chased down a passing vehicle. When a local foster was driving down the back road she came upon Shaina. She spotted this little ball of fur who was JUST dumped. As she drove by, Shaina immediately began to chase her car and when she stopped, Shaina jumped right in. She somehow knew she would be safe there. The foster thankfully took her home that day.

Shaina is super sweet and playful and has every sign of being a loving family dog. She is smart and trusting despite being betrayed by those who left her behind. She has a real chance at a long and happy life but only if we can get her to Homeward Trails. The shelters in Puerto Rico are overcrowded and though her foster wants her in a home she cannot care for her for long. Shaina has already taken a leap of faith to save herself. You can make sure it was worth it. Please donate today.