Abbie Is Too Adorable To Be Homeless


This precious girl is Abbie! She is too cute and at only 6 months old, she’d love to curl up in someone’s lap and get lots of love. Unfortunately though, Abbie’s life looks a lot different than that these days. Poor Abbie was found as a stray in rural VA and now lives her life in a cold metal cage in a shelter. No soft blankets to lay on and certainly no extra attention or pampering. Abbie is getting her basic needs met, but the sparse shelter she is at can only provide what is absolutely necessary. Homeward Trails took one look at this sweetheart and knew that there was no way she could be left behind! Only one thing stands in her way of starting a new, wonderful life… she needs to be sponsored so she can make the trip to the DC area! Can you be the one that saves Abbie from a life behind bars?