Adorable babies need a rescue

Just look at these fluffy babies. Nutmeg and Ginger and Ella are a whopping 7 weeks old. Aside from being the cutest balls of fluff you’ve ever seen, they’re also in deep need of our help! These puppies have been roaming the West Virginia wilderness with their Mom. Nutmeg and Ginger were trapped first and taken to a foster home and luckily, Ella was just caught late on Tuesday. Mom is still on her own while the shelter continues to work to catch her!

These pups ended up at a rural shelter in WV – but the shelter is already FULL of strays and owner surrenders and is struggling to keep up with the constant animal intakes.

Nutmeg, Ginger and Ella have nowhere to go to feel safe while finding their forever home. Luckily at Homeward Trails we can take them in and give them their best chance at happy ever afters – these sweet girls are waiting.