Adorable Litter Of Pups is Breaking Our Hearts!


Happiness is a litter of puppies, seven of them to be exact! These adorable 8 week old boxer mix puppies certainly are precious, but sadly they were never wanted from the start. Unfortunately, unwanted litters are born every day and the homeless dogs end up behind bars in local shelters. These lucky seven have a brighter outlook on life though. Even though they were certainly not planned, they keep their tails wagging and smiles smiling, just knowing that a new owner will come scoop them up. Homeward Trails saw these adorable faces and knew they were the right rescue for a do-over! However, taking on 7 puppies is a big commitment. In order for them all to be transported and see the vet, their full sponsorship amount will have to be met. Please donate to these babies so that they won’t have to live their whole lives behind bars!