Are We Going to Have to Leave Them Behind?


These six week old lab mix puppies are honestly lucky to be alive. A stray mama dog was taken in by a nice family, where they were shocked to find out she was pregnant. The good Samaritans did the kind thing and kept the mama and supported her 6 precious puppies until they were old enough to be weaned. While the family is delighted everyone is healthy, they are unable to continue to care for 6 little puppies much longer. We hate to think that there is a chance they will end up in a rural shelter. Germs, diseases and sicknesses lurk in every corner of an overcrowded shelter and their little immune systems are no match. Please don’t make Homeward Trails choose which puppies to bring to the DC area and which puppies have to say behind in a metal cage. Your donations can change the entire future for this family. Please sponsor them so they can start out the new year, and their new life, the right way!