Blondie is as Sweet as a Cookie!


No dog should have to know life as a stray, and that certainly includes this adoptable girl, Blondie. At only 6 months old, this lab mix was far too young to be living alone, scrounging for food and constantly in search of a safe place to lay. After spending some time outside, Blondie was brought to a rural VA shelter. She has traded the hard dirt ground out outside to cold cement cages that bring her no comfort. Blondie is way too young to experience this sadness! Please help Homeward Trails save this beautiful girl. She is as sweet as a cookie and we know she will make a family so happy, but first, she needs a full sponsorship. If enough funds aren’t raised to get Blondie out of the shelter, she might have to wait the rescue van pull away without her in it. Don’t break Blondie’s heart!