Boxed Up and Left to Die


This litter of pups has had a rough time. As tiny pups they were found abandoned in a cardboard box, left alone to die in Puerto Rico. They were covered in mites, fleas and ticks and dangerously underweight. We do not know how long they waited there — hungry, thirsty and living in their own excrement. How long did they live IN A BOX that could have turned into their coffin?? These are questions we will never be able to answer, but we CAN ensure they never endure such torture again.

These pups deserve so much better than the life they were given and we are READY to do everything we can to provide that to them. But the flights from Puerto Rico are costly and difficult to arrange. We NEED your help to cover the costs of their flight and vetting so we can get these pups on a flight NOW so these pups can begin to leave their terrible past behind them.