Brinley is Trying Hard to be Brave


Poor Brinley was found as a stray in rural VA. She is such a petite little girl and is lucky to have survived living outside without a home. All dogs face hardships as strays, but it can be particularly scary for small pups that may get attacked by larger animals or having a more difficult time hunting food. Luckily, sweet Brinley was found before she met an unfortunate fate. However, now 2 year old Brinley lives her days in a cement cage. The shelter she is at does their best to adopt animals out, but once they are at capacity, they have to make tough decisions as to which animals can stay and which animals face euthanasia. Brinley is too sweet to even possibly be considered for euthanasia, which is why the shelter wants nothing more than to send her to Homeward Trails where she can have a real shot at life and a family. When you have the perfect pup who loves people and other animals, it makes it even that much more important to help bring them to safety before it is too late! Please don’t let this adorable girl get left behind and donate to her today!