Cats Survived Hoarding but They’re in Bad Shape


These 4 cats were living in horrible conditions, no clean water, no fresh food, few litter boxes and those were overflowing. They were living with almost 20 cats in a home. And most had never been to the vet or hadn’t been in years.

They made it out alive, but the conditions took a toll on their bodies. We aren’t sure how old they are, but all of them have dental disease and had not been spayed and neutered. When the rescuers showed up, they all had upper respiratory infections. But despite all of this, they were happy to get help.

Fizzy, Patches, Tuck, and Winny deserve more. They deserve our help and we want to give it to them. But this kind of rescue effort comes at a steep price. While their previous humans and their bodies may have failed them, we won’t. Please help get them fixed up and bring them to Homeward Trails.