Connor’s Teeth are in Rough Shape


Connor is a very sweet but sad 5 year old Beagle. This poor boy was found as a stray in southern VA. We don’t know what his life was like prior to being brought in to a rural shelter, but chances are that Connor hasn’t received much care in the recent past. His mouth is likely in constant pain as he is in desperate need of a dental. Sadly, until a rescue steps forward to help Connor, he lives in discomfort in a shelter cage. The staff do their best to keep him comfortable, but Homeward Trails is Connor’s best chance at much needed veterinary care. Taking on a dog with medical needs can be a lot for any rescue, but HT is confident that with your donations, this beagle will be back in action in no time. Please donate to his transportation to the DC area and to the dental he so desperately needs in order to be a healthy, happy boy!