Covered in Mange, Milly and Chino Need Our Help!


These sweet 11 week old puppies have had a really tough life thus far. Milly and Chino were found covered in mange and likely infested with worms in Puerto Rico. They only survived because they happened to make their way to a good Samaritan who was feeding them to keep them alive. The puppies were very lucky to have someone looking out for them, and the person feeding them thinks their mama dog knew exactly what she was doing when she led them to their home! Even though the mama dog hasn’t been able to be rescued yet, the puppies were caught and are on their journey to getting healthy. Milly and Chino are finally healthy enough to fly to the DC area, where they can hopefully be adopted and start a new beautiful life! The only thing standing in their way now is getting enough donations to cover their flight and much needed veterinary care. The puppies are almost at the finish line! Please sponsor their future today!